Vedic Astrology: The Ancient Knowledge of Behavior and Time from India

The oldest and most important scriptures in all of India, if not the world, are called the Vedas, a Sanskrit word meaning \”knowledge. The Vedas are called \”apaursheya\” or beyond the realm of man and time. According to the tenets of Vedic philosophy, the Vedas were not authored but documented by seers or ancient wisemen called \”rishis\”, who in a state of expanded awareness, cognized the mechanics of creation. Vedic Astrology comes from this ancient work (hence the use of the word Vedic). Jyotisha or Jyotish is the actual Sanskrit name for Vedic Astrology and means the \”eye or light of nature\”. It describes the ability of an astrologer to view the mechanics of people\’s behavior as well as the projected cycles and outcomes of time and events.


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