About SculptYourEssence™

 my reason, purpose and mission

  This website is a place where you can explore your inner self  (your essence) through the western and eastern thoughts concerning  the link between the stars and our very being.


For centuries people have been trying to understand the connection between life here on earth and the life in the sky. Is there a connection between the two? Are we composed of the same raw material that the stars are?  Does the energy of the stars affect us here on earth, and if so, how?

For years I wondered the same questions and looked for answers in the sources that was available to me at the time, mainly pop culture boks, tv specials and the local newspaper with their daily horoscope.  From these sources I started to see that there is indeed a connection between life here and life in the sky so to speak…but I wanted more in-depth information,  more proof …which set me on a quest  to understand western astrology and see what I thought about it after a good amount of research.


That was 11 years ago now and my conclusion is that everything in this world and universe is inter-woven, there are connections between everything. Astrology is a tool, a very valuable tool for understand our own motivations & personalities traits and of those who share this world with us. It is a valuable tool in learning how to be more empathic of others,  to achieving personal goals that for some reason seem to always elude you….and that is why I have decided to share my curiosity, findings, and beliefs to the public realm.


Just 30 years ago this wouldn’t have been possible…only people who were in the media, very outlandish activists, and government  officials were known to the masses of people community and world wide. We had to trust and rely on a select few to provide us with the answers we sought, with the desires we had, with the dreams we wanted to achieve.  Now  we live in the era of “instant communication” ,  an era of global social consciousness, an era of caring not just about human life but all life forms, from animals to plants……this is a time where communities are informing other communities, people are sharing their knowledge in it\’s most purist form, directly from the source, and people all over the world are realizing that their “off the beaten path” beliefs are not so “off the beaten path” after all.  I remember  the feeling of connection (and relief honestly) I felt when I started buying books at independent bookstores and researching astrology and metaphysics online. . . I became aware that there are  hundred of thousands of other people who wonder about the same things I do, some have found the answers to my questions, for some I have found the answers to their questions,  and by working together and sharing our passions we can achieve our own personal goals and positively impact the life of those of us here on this planet.


Please excuse the choppiness of this site for now   :-)…this is just my beginning, the flow will improve.

In the future this site will expand and broaden beyond just astrology and include other metaphysical type theories on ways to improve the balance and flow within your life.  For now I will just be focusing on astrology, mainly western astrology.  I am currently studying vedic ( jyostisa ) astrology, which I find to be a beautiful and concise holistic approach to living. . . the more I learn I will share on here and perhaps my path will be sculpted more towards that life philosophy. . . we will have to wait and see.  For now I will speak of what I know, which is primarily western astrology.


If you are interested in having a free natal chart ( birth chart ) drawn up and emailed to you just email me  from the contact page to request one free of charge or obligation. You may also visit this link   to view your birth chart online. There will be no request for mailing list, other information, or contact from me except responding to an email from you. I don’t like to be added to things without my knowledge, so I will never do that to another person…karma.

All you need to provide is your birth date including year, month, day, and time of birth.  Also the city & country of birth.  From this information a natal chart can be drawn out and assessed. I think of a natal chart like a blue-print to your life here….not set in stone but the basic foundations and  way it will go unless we alter the “plans”.  The natal chart represents your essence, and astrology is a tool to help you sculpt your essence™

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