It has been a few years since a new post/article has been posted on this site, and that is b/c the webmaster ( for some reasons I like that term ) has been consumed with enjoying life for the most part. I feel that getting caught up in any one topic for a long period of time isolates you and disconnects you from other activities, thoughts, feelings, so like a painting I work on, I’ll go through phases when I dive deep and research, analyze and ponder and then create…after a while I set what I was doing aside, regardless of if it is finished or not, so that I may move onto other interests and in time come back to what I was doing from the past, with a new sense of awareness and usually appreciation due to the break of time in-between. I find this process to be very beneficial for me.

Astrology remains an active part of my life, and I still have the wonder for it that I did 30 years ago, which i find beautiful and endearing. One day I may just make it make it official and dedicate more of my time to the study of it but for now I am content with learning from literature, casually sharing, and exploring new & old thoughts regarding astrology and the connection between life and the stars.

The year 2020 thus far has been a very unpredictable and uncertain one, while this isn’t the place to go into the current state of the world I will say that Covid 19 has affected us all in some way and while it is a sad, scary, & unnerving feeling at many times right now, there are many silver linings to this and so I encourage you to focus and manifest the positive.


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